About Us

Policyongo.com is a digital asset of Unilight Insurance Brokers designed and developed to introduce a distinctive insurance distribution model called Point-of-Sales Person (PoSP). Our integrated end-to-end business platform enables POSP aspirants to undergo training and examinations prescribed by IRDAI and allow onboarded POSPs to generate and issue policies of the partnered insurers

Eligibility for becoming POSP

  • Minimum Educational qualification-10 th Class Pass
  • Training & Certification

Training & Certification

  • The POSP person shall attend an in-house training session for a minimum of 15 (fifteen) hours as may be conducted by Unilight in accordance with the specifications laid down under the IRDAI Guidelines on Point of Sales Person – Life, Non-Life & Health.
  • Post completion of the in-house training session, the POSP person shall be required to undertake and pass the exam conducted by Unilight with minimum score / grades.
  • Upon successful completion and passing of the exam, the POSP person shall receive a certificate from Unilight in the format as prescribed under the IRDAI Guidelines on Point of Sales person – Life, Non-Life & Health Insurers.

Policyongo.com facilitate online training and examination on their digital POSP onboarding platform through

  • Online registration
  • Online training & examination
  • Online Certification

Conduct of Business

Policyongo.com enables onboarded POSP to obtain comparative premium quotes with great price from all leading insurers, options for remittance of policy premium to insurer and on- line policy issuance. This online accessibility opens up huge opportunities for POSP in mass selling with minimal efforts.

Scope of Service & Compensation

The Company and POSP execute an agreement for the services to be rendered by each of the parties as allowed and envisaged under the IRDAI prescribed guidelines from time to time. The Company agrees to make payment and/or remuneration to the POSP fees for the services and discharge of his functions obligations to be rendered by the POSP as agreed upon. The remuneration is subject to deduction of all applicable taxes.